Dress season

Dress season

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Christmas in Denmark includes a series of “julefrokoster” – Christmas lunches – for most people. With friends or at the office with colleges. It starts already in November and we celebrate a lot before Christmas. Although we do not have Thanksgivning we have a long holiday season – primarily, I think, to scare off the looooong dark, rainy, cold November and December.

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For women it is the time for dresses! As some of you may know, I love working with dresses in my artwork and stitching. The shape, color and pattern intrigues me. As well as the transformative power of a dress. It can change you and the way you feel about yourself.  It can make others see you in a new way.

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So when my son came back from Japan with a stack of the most beautiful origami paper, and I found out that you actually CAN fold a dress, I got started.


And honestly: when I sit down and fold these small paper dresses, that look like coming from the fifties, and hang them on their wash line on my cards, I completely forget the loooooong dark, rainy, cold November, work stress and Christmas to-do lists.

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My colleges got a chance to buy these dress babies at our “julemarket” at the end of this week. You might also find a few at MEEPS, 18th Street, Washington DC.


Happy dress season!




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