A few paper cranes

During some of the last days of this wonderful summer I stayed in a summerhouse in Rågeleje, on the northern coast of Sjælland. My creative luggage was a jar of beads, some pieces of colored paper and a plastic bag of yarn and thread.

Last winter I visited Japan and since then I have tried – and learned – how to fold paper cranes. So difficult!  My respect for the person who once invented this crazy way of folding and folding is immense. Japanese monks made origami for religious purposes from the 6th century, and since then it has been used as inspiration for folding a solar panel  into a rocket and an airbag into a car, among other things. What potential in playing!

034 cropped

A legend has it, that everyone who folds 1000 cranes, will have his or her wishes fulfilled.

The Japanese girl, Sadeko, who became the victim of nuclear radiation in Hiroshima, developed leukemia, and she decided to fold 1000 cranes to save her life. She made it to 644, the legend tells, before she died as a 12 year old girl. Sadeko and the paper crane has become symbols of fight against cancer and for peace.

055 cropped

So I folded yellow, orange and pink cranes, while the sun was shining on the Danish summer coast. I hanged them in colored strings with a couple of beads on a little twig as small mobiles. It gave me peace and fun and also became a greeting to my sister in law, who just died from cancer.

I send her 1000 cranes in my thoughts.

025 cropped

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