Ways – my way


The DC Beltway has always been one of my biggest challenges when it comes to driving in the US. Like La Peripherique around Paris. Terrible!! Heavy loads of cars driven by people who all seem to know precisely where to go and to be in a hurry to get there – dribbling in and out of several lanes.

Unlike me! No hurry and not precisely knowing where to go………….(which has produced moments on these ways I do not need to recall!)

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This spring I live in an old Copenhagen neighborhood with very few cars. Bikes and buses all over. In the morning and late afternoon hundreds and hundreds of bikers pass my street on their way in and out of the city.

I can relax…………….and take my paper and floss and stitch a very peaceful gift card with the map of the DC Beltway, the Potomac river in blue and the three red DC stars on the front.

The Beltway – on a distance – my way!

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1 Response to Ways – my way

  1. Kristina Jensen says:

    er du hjemme i København? hvor længe? kan man nå en kop kaffe?

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