Valentine and Roy

Valentine’s Day is not part of my upbringing. Neither a special day in my Danish adult life. Here in DC it is big. Restaurants and flowershops are in for business!

And it is all about love!

So you kind of get caught up in the whole atmosphere. What to do?

072 blog slut

I found a couple of postcards from the recent exhibit of Roy Lichtensteins works. He created dots and stripes for a lifetime – and a lot of paintings and prints on the theme of love! Among others the oil painting, “The ring”, which I have “translated” into this embroidery.

In the spirit of Valentine.

And while I was at it………..

077 blog……….I had to make the hot dog with mustard as well.  Another iconic Roy Lichtenstein piece from 1963.

As a special Valentine greeting to my brother who loves hotdogs!

You can find these the pictures in lovely MEEPS in 18th. street, Washington DC.

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1 Response to Valentine and Roy

  1. Charlotte says:

    Nice Jette! 😉

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