Waiting for the Halloween storm

I am waiting for the hurricane, Sandy, to land in DC.  Rain is whipping the windows and the old red oak trees bordering our street make good use of all the elasticity they still have. Some might fall during the coming night…..

What can I do?

I will fold and decorate a Halloween card to send to my daughter. She waits for the storm somewhere else on the American east coast.

I find an old orange envelope to cut up, some white and black paper, my pens and colors and a sharp knife.

While working I finally understand the full meaning of all the Halloween symbols I see everywhere these days.

The ghosts, the bats with pointed teeth, the grinning pumpkins and the nasty spiders in their nets – they are of course meant to scare away any harm that might cross our way!

So I hope my clippings will BOO BOO away any danger. This city and its people might need a little orange Halloween magic these coming hours.

I am the last costumer at the post office. “Go home,'” the postman says. “I come from New Orleans, and I know about hurricanes. I close now! Go home and stay inside!”

I put my letter in the mailbox and run home clinging to my umbrella with both hands.

So Naja, look out for a purple envelope in your mailbox tomorrow. UPS might be able to deliver it to you .


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1 Response to Waiting for the Halloween storm

  1. Charlotte says:

    Dejlig lille historie på en aften som denne. Pas på jer selv – jeg tænker på jer!!!

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