Family Portraits

Displaying family portraits in your home is very common in the US. You need to have your family framed! Photos in beautiful silver frames are found on every fireplace shelf, on coffee tables and desks. A wedding, a graduation or the whole family at Christmas.

When a big mister somebody is interviewed on TV, he often has carefully arranged portraits of his wife and children behind him.

In Denmark we would call it “hyggeligt” – meaning: it makes you feel good!

And it sure does.

These last weeks I have made an alternative series of family portraits. Girls and women, a couple of boys – and a troll – in new and old frames.

They are now all over my room, but on Saturday September 15th. you can find them at the H Street Festival 2012 in Washington DC

And who knows on which wall or fireplace shelf they might end up?

Making them made me feel………..good, better………

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1 Response to Family Portraits

  1. Kærlig hilsen Lise øh, et klik drillede.....Sender snart et e-mail brev. Det ved man(jeg) hvad er says:

    Hej Jette. Jeg kunne da godt adoptere et par af de søde piger og evt. få et par ekstra kusiner.I den moderne verden er vi jo tilbøjelige til at “vælge” vores familie til og fra…Held og lykke med markedet!Kærlig hilsen Lise

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