Summer hummer

This is not a post on any of my creations.

This is about some of the most amazing creatures of the Americas – and in nature: hummingbirds – near Petersburg in West Virgina on Memorial Day 2012.

Hummingbirds are like happiness: you cannot plan it to arrive at a certain time, but suddenly it is there! You just need to be patient, be attentive and prepared. And open your eyes.

I was able to sit in a beautiful green garden that day with a view to the Allegheny Mountains…….and capture the hummingbirds with my camera. A true gratitude moment!

No piece of art can be more delicate and perfect  than a hummingbird. A few facts: hummingbirds  are the only birds that can fly backwards, they put spider’s silk in their tiny nests and weigh 2-6 grams!

Hummingbirds take my breath away and although their plumage sparkles in glittering colors, I like these silhouette ones, because they are “my” hummingbirds. I never thought I would be able to take a picture of one, but I was. It was possible. Like happiness.

Enjoy the summer!

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2 Responses to Summer hummer

  1. Charlotte says:

    Fantastisk Jette! Et studie i nærvær og livskvalitet 😉
    Kh, Charlotte

  2. sikke fine billeder af den lille fugl! og tak for hyggelig aften i haven 🙂 kh,kristina

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