Mothers and daughters

This year my Mother’s Day activity was to sew a picture of a mother and a daughter …..a gift to the mother from her daughter! The starting point was a photo of the two on a sunny day near the Potomac river!

Like always when you make portraits you get “under the skin” of your model. The fact that you look so concentrated and for so long time at a person connects you to her.

These two women had such a shine…. they leaned their heads against each other, that I couldn’t avoid beeing absorbed in their good vibes while stitching. Making portraits is a gift! And rather difficult…….if you want to have some likeness!

Some time ago I embriodered a portrait of my own mother. On the photo that inspired me, she looks like the movie stars at the time. So beautiful!

She was my fashion star in my childhood – making glamour in her own gentle way on special occasions.

So of course I had to put in all the fine stitches I know in duce pastel colors to decorate her dress. It still exits – taylor made – cut from grey silk with handmade belt and buttons. Almost the same color as the background of my pictures made more than a generation later.

To daughters!

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