Two old books and a couple of pens

I have always liked things in seried ranks, ornaments that fall into line, borders. That is one of the reasons why I like Paul Klee so much. He plays with monotony building up row after row of elements in some of his pictures – and then does something unexpected to break it.

Today two old books and a black and a golden pen became my toys. I tore out pages of a book on environmental issues – found at Idle Time Books in 18th Street for 1$ – and made them the background for my ornaments.

The inspiration for my drawings came – as so often these days – from a walk down memory lane: an old cross stitching pattern book, issued in Copenhagen in 1944 (Holger Kapel; Moderne Korsting. Baade fugl og fisk). This man, Holger, translated everything into cross stitching patterns – maybe a wise occupation during World War II!!

But I chose the easy way today: no embroidery, just black and golden ink. I borrowed Holger’s images and changed them somewhat to fit into my pages.

What fun on a cloudy and rainy spring day!

And by the way: Paul Klee was the one who wrote in  his book Graphik from 1956:

“The art is playing with things – a game where knowledge does not count. Like the child imitates us in his play, so we imitate in play the forces that created and still creates the world

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1 Response to Two old books and a couple of pens

  1. Kærlig hilsen Lise øh, et klik drillede.....Sender snart et e-mail brev. Det ved man(jeg) hvad er says:

    Hej Jette. Fascinerende, hvad der kan være på spil mellem linierne i bøger!

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