When you do something, something happens

This is a blog about craft, art and handmade things. Things I want to explore and develop. But it can be difficult to do what you really want to do.  I easily find something else to do or a comfortable excuse not to implement a good idea  or a special project. Days are full of work, responsibilities and many activities, – it is so easy to let the idea stay in your notebook and not to move into the room where your things grow.

But to be crafty is a life necessity for some of us. For me.

Fortunately the smallest thing can bring the spark out: a few stitches on a band or a simple sketch on a bit of paper. So now I have decided to follow the best piece of advice I ever got from my very old mother: When you do something, something happens.

023 cropped

This blog started while I lived in Washington DC for a few years. I sucked in some positive American energy and entrepreneurial spirit like: Do it, why not! Do not think small! It is awesome! Even: Start a business!

I will continue – now from Copenhagen – and my blog is going to be a journal of small and big projects, I work with. What comes up, I do not know, but I am sure that when I do something, something happens.

It will be nice if you follow me. Awesome in fact!

2 Responses to Home

  1. lisezeuthen says:

    Jeg vil med glæde følge din blog med forventning om overraskelser og inspiration. Lise

  2. Åh hvor var det dejligt at kigge ind i dit kreative univers. Her kommer jeg igen og mærker allerede nu nogle ideer summe i mit eget kreative hjørne. Anne-Birgitte

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